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I think it's very interesting to find a community devoted to Burr. I am a big fan of Hamilton, yet I also sympathize a lot with Burr. I read Gore Vidal's novel, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. (I've actually read it twice). I think Vidal really captured Burr's spirit, and it is just so rare to hear his point of view! You may also want to read "Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson: A Study in Character" by Kennedy. It is also pretty sympathetic to Burr, and once again Jefferson emerges in a very negative light...
Woohoo, somebody other than me actually posted! :D Welcome to the admittedly very small community.

I saw that book on Amazon & was interested... I don't necessarily hate Jefferson, though. He was very cool in some ways; I just think he was contradictory (it's a cliché by now to call him hypocritical, I think) in a lot of things.
Jefferson= self-deluded so not technically a liar, gosh this is a pickle!
How about: his words speak louder that actions!
Oh that Jefferson...I have a lot of respect for him, and no one can deny how talented he was, but some of the things he's said and done have made me cringe a bit. And I agree Dolley, his words sure do speak louder than his actions. Then again, he was your husband's best friend, so I'm guessing he can't be all that bad :P
Jefferson didn't have friends, only sycophantic minions

AH: 1 TJ:0
I like Burr. I don't know why. Probably due to his sexiness, and the fact that he resembles an otter. He was a feminist, and that's pretty cool.

Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson: A Study in Character...I've only read some of it, but it seemed INCREDIBLY biased to me. "ZOMG, Hamilton wsa a n00b and Jfferson was evilllil!!!111 Burr Was teh sects and pwns them alll!!!!23"

Or at least, that's what I remember. Something about Hamilton being suicidal and obsessed with poor, angelic, *virginal Burr. O_O

*Yes, I put that in there to be funny. >_>
He does resemble an otter! O______o That's weird. And you're pretty awesome for noticing it.

I've heard the suicide-by-duel thing too and think it's too bizarre to possibly be true, although it would be sort of a brilliant plan to keep your honor intact while still kind of killing yourself. :P But I still don't believe it.

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