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well, whatever his actions later in life might have been, I do owe a small debt of gratitude to A. Burr. It was he who introduced me to my cutie-petutty-schnookums-of-a-hubby second husband, the august James Madison, esq., fourth president of the United States.

(did you know that, huh? huh?)
Dolley?! This is my shocked and appalled tone!
Are you actually participating in this ATROCITY of a LJ dedicated in the honor (no, none to speak of!) memory? (fine, will do), dedicated in to the memory of that NEFARIOUS individual?
My head is hung in shame, IN SHAME, WOMAN!

I need to calm down lest I do something...rash, need to go write a treatise on government or something...
Yes, I did know that. :D Good afternoon, Mrs. Madison!

(Oh dear. Hamilton himself is here. *hides*)
Good afternoon Cbizkit,
what an interesting name,
are you of Russian origin? ;)

& don't mind A.H. he's still grumpy over getting shot, perfectly understandable, but I'm sure if he and A.B. ever sat down for a peaceable conversation they would work a great many things out, both being dead and all, tempers might be a bit cooler....one can hope.
Yes my dear Dolley I am sure that you are right! My husband (Alexander Hamilton) would probably calm down after him a dear Aaron Burr talked a few things out.
Wait whatever am I saying? The guy shot Alex! What else am I supposed to say?
love~ Eliza H.
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