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Okay, I think Burr by Gore Vidal has become required reading for this community. Only not, because that would suck.

But it's an amazing book, and very historically accurate as far as I know. He writes such amazing interactions, too, like the dialogue is really gripping on its own as opposed to just a way to get through the plot. and for some reason his Thomas Jefferson is disturbingly hot.

Anyway, it presents Aaron Burr in a positive light (I think maybe a little too positive, but no book is perfect) and does it with finesse (hee). Go read it. :)
I read it.

Surprisingly fair portrayal of me, I'd say.

T.J. is a scruple-less bastard, et cetra, et cetra

You know, after being dead for 202 years I'm...how do they express it these days? ah! yes! I'm so over Jefferson! Just please don't worship him, he'd love that, smug git!