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For the Discussion of a Villainized Dead White Guy

Droppin' Hamiltons
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Exactly what the subtitle would suggest. :)

You can post anything Burr-related here. Questions, general fun information – hell, you could post Aaron Burr fanfiction here. (Actually, if someone posted Burr-fic, that would be pretty awesome... but anyway.) You can even come and argue for why Burr sucked (Alexander Hamilton fangirls, I'm talking to you). But in general, I'd like the discussion to be conducted with love, even the discussion of his faults. If that makes any sense.

Don't spam, though. Please don't promote other communities unless they're directly related to Aaron Burr or US history in some way. No rating communities. (Except hot_presidents... *stifled hysterical laughter*)

Have fun. :D