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Aaron Burr in a Got Milk ad. One of the more hilarious things I've ever seen. XD XD

And, from the section on Burr in my history textbook (which is totally biased btw, and I guess that should piss me off, but I just find it kind of funny – they take all this speculation as fact, like that he was planning to separate the western states along with Mexico &c.):
He returned to the United States in 1812 and, in keeping with his reputation as a womanizer, fathered two illegitimate children in his seventies and was divorced for adultery at eighty. Perhaps the most puzzling man in American history, he died in 1836.

And when everyone found out about the Burr Conspiracy, they doubted that "even" Burr was capable of "such treachery". :D
oh honey my book is the same way! Our teacher told us the whole Burr/Hamilton and it is actually quiet funny if you think about it!
Man! That's funny!

Love when they're showing all the Hamilton swag that guy has around his apt.

We've got the same history book. AP US? I was cracking up while I was reading that part.
Enduring Vision!! :D That book is comic. It's really weird. (James K. Polk has no friends! Whigs "celebrate" log cabins!)
Ah yes. Good times. And don't forget that no one knew what the fuck was up with John Tyler.