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So I'm reading Undaunted Courage, about Lewis and Clark (which is one of the biggest books with the smallest print I have ever seen, second only to like, the dictionary. Oh, and Ron Chernow's Hamilton biography, which I am very much going to read because I like him, too, believe it or not! But it [Undaunted Courage now, heh] feeds my obsession with L&C). So anyway, I'm reading and this sentence comes outta nowhere:

"Had they [the Federalists] succeeded and made Burr the president, there would almost certainly be no republic today."

So I thought Mr. Stephen E. Ambrose was going to elaborate, but no. That's all there is. O____O I'm kind of impressed by Aaron Burr's power to give people the impression that he was eeeevil.

Maybe he was thinking of the Burr Conspiracy? But Burr totally didn't get all conspiratorial until after the whole Hamilton deal, when he had nothing to lose.

By the way, I totally need to promote this community somewhere. Hello, my two lovely members. :)
the chernow biography is excellent